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Kwara State Government Gives New Date For Resumption Of Schools In The State

The Kwara State Government as ordered the reopening of elementary schools and tertiary institutions in the state.

According to Mr Rafiu Ajakaye while given it speech on Friday, he stated that the state government as given order that all Tertiary institutions in (Kwara State, ilorin) can reopen schools as from January 11, 2021.

Meanwhile elementary schools in the state can resume back to school as from January 18, 2021.

All schools are to operate in line with the COVID-19 safety measures which has been addressed by the PTF.

According to Rafiu Ajakaye (The Spokesman to the State Government and also the Kwara State Technical Committee), he said the State Government has given order that the all tertiary institutions in the state must put in place all safety measures in other to prevent the spread of covid-19 virus in the state and campuses.

He said, the ministry as been directed to work together along with the all technical committee on COVID-19 in Kwara state while other stakeholders in the state are to ensure that all schools in the state are in safe condition for students and lecturers.

He added that all students and staff are to abide by the use of face mask in the campus and in lecture theatre or lecture rooms.

While students without the use of face mask are not to be permitted from entry into the college facilities.

The state government as apeal to the general masses (Students and other staffs) to be safety conscious and work together to stop the spread of covid-19.


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