KYARI IN HOT SOUP!!! Attorney General And Police Service Commission Receive Reports From Investigation Panel Over Kyari's Link To Hushpuppi - Mc Ebisco KYARI IN HOT SOUP!!! Attorney General And Police Service Commission Receive Reports From Investigation Panel Over Kyari's Link To Hushpuppi - Mc Ebisco
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KYARI IN HOT SOUP!!! Attorney General And Police Service Commission Receive Reports From Investigation Panel Over Kyari’s Link To Hushpuppi


Despite the denial from former Deputy Commissioner of Police with regards his involvement with the famous online fraudster, “Hushpuppi” an investigation was been conducted to ascertain Abba Kyari’s alleged role in all of this after the FBI Revealed that both Kyari and Hushpuppi worked together to jail another internet fraudster who had a misunderstanding with Ramon Abbas popularly referred to as “Hushpuppi.”

Abba Kyari May Face Disciplinary Panel

The Special Investigation Panel report on Abba Kyari’s alleged roles in the $1.1 million fraud perpetrated by Instagram influencer Abbas Ramon, also known as Hushpuppi, and four others have been sent to the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, as well as the Police Service Commission.

The report indicting Kyari, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, was received by the AGF office and the PSC, according to PUNCH.

The SIP Chairman, DIG Joseph Egbunike, presented the committee’s findings to the IG on August 26 at Force Headquarters in Abuja, 24 days after the panel was established, according to our source.


The report included the investigation’s case file, evidence and findings, as well as testimonials from Kyari and other people and organisations involved in the case.

In a document filed before the United States District Court for the Central District of California titled, ‘Criminal Complaint By Telephone Or Other Reliable Electronic Means,’ a Federal Bureau of Investigation agent, Andrew Innocenti, claimed that Hushpuppi hired Kyari to detain a co-conspirator, Chibuzo Vincent, for threatening to expose the alleged $1.1 million fraud committed against a Qatari businessman

The Police Service Commission suspended Kyari from service on July 31 as a result of the charges. He also testified in front of the SIP, where he allegedly refuted the claims.

The IG has directed that the former Head of the Police Intelligence Response Team be questioned, after which he will be referred to the Force Disciplinary Committee, which deals with cases of misconduct and unprofessional acts by senior officers, according to a senior official who gave an update on the case on Saturday.

According to reports, the FDC’s recommendations will be forwarded to the Police Service Commission, which will decide Kyari’s destiny.

“The commission and the AGF received the police report last week, but there is nothing we can do at the moment,” a credible source said. The IG has ordered that Kyari be questioned. Following the response to the question, the case would be referred to the force disciplinary committee, which would issue recommendations. The FDC’s recommendations would be presented to the police service commission, and the commission’s decision would be based on them.”

When contacted, the force’s spokesman, Frank Mba, a Commissioner of Police, offered to provide more updates on the case.

Kyari’s Controversial Link To Hushpuppi


The FBI, which recently partnered with the Nigerian Anti-graft agency to combat cybercrime, has issued an official request for the arrest of Abba Kyari, a now-former Deputy Commissioner of Police, in connection with serial online fraudsters Ramon Abbas, also known as “Hushpuppi.”

Hushpuppi, who was apprehended in Dubai and deported to the US, previously detailed how he bribed Kyari to arrest one of his competitors following a disagreement over a fraud profit allegedly stolen from a Qatari businessman.

According to court filings, the alleged scam came close to collapsing when one of the group members, Kelly Chibuzo Vincent, sought to alert their multimillion-dollar fraud victim in Qatar.

Kyari, 46, is a decorated officer who was honoured by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari with a Presidential medal for valour.

He provided Abbas with bank account details, according to the FBI, so that he could be reimbursed for agreeing to arrest Vincent.

Prosecutors claim they scammed an unnamed businessman of $1.1 million, with some of the funds used to “purchase a Richard Mille RM11-03 watch, which was hand-delivered to Abbas in Dubai and later appeared in Hushpuppi’s social media posts.”


After receiving widespread criticism for his participation with Hushpuppi, Abba Kyari, the former Deputy Commissioner of Police, turned to social media to claim that he did not seek money from Hushpuppi but rather sent the accused to a textile dealer to whom he gave 300,000 Naira.

Abba later returned to his Facebook page and updated it twice, raising a slew of questions as Nigerians chastised him for his actions.

The Police Service Commission has stripped Abba Kyari of his position as deputy commissioner of police and head of the Intelligence Response Team pending investigations. Abba Kyari is a decorated officer who was awarded a presidential medal for valour by Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari.

Nigerians Reaction Towards Abba Kyari


Nigerians have shown in recent times that they could support when one is doing good things and also be vocal when one turns as well.

This is no different after Abba Kyari’s controversial link to serial online fraudsters came to light through a collaboration from the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission and The Federal Bureau Of investigation.

Nigerians both home and abroad have voiced their displeasure over the issue using various social media platforms as is the new norms when an issue as big as this occurs.

Abba Kyari has since been suspended and awaiting the investigations panel decision over the case.


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