Why Ladies Between 30To 40 Year Older Are Still Unmarried (Opinion)

Sometimes people tend to believe that why a lady is still unmarried is because no suitors have come their way, but that is not actually the fact.

I once ask a lady about her dream man, the way she described her ideal man, I concluded within me that she is not yet to settle down.

Many ladies between 30 to 40 are yet unmarried, not because there is no suitors, but when they were opportune to married they swept it aside.

We are in a world were ladies are easily moved by material things, some based marriage on money.

I know of a lady when she was in her twenties, almost five suitors seek to married her, but she said none are her preference, but today she is going from one one prayer house to another praying for a husband.

Men have greater advantage than women when it comes to marital status, a man can marry at any time but as a lady once she clocks 30 and above she is already over due for marriage.

As an Unmarried lady reading this article, never reject a marriage proposal because he doesn’t have money, I have seen a couple who got married poor but later became rich, Marriage open door to blessings.

So never procrastinate because opportunity only comes but once, so don’t do shakara as you sleep and wake up, that is how your age is going forward.

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