Ladies, Be Careful With Men That Want To Marry You For The Following Six Reasons

Early last year, my niece called me and told me of her decision to leave her husband’s house. It was on the phone, but I could feel how hurt she was from the sound of her voice. I wasn’t surprised by the decision. She once told me that the husband married her because he knew she was a virgin. Her virginity was all he considered at the time they were dating. Now her marriage is broken and her home shattered. This is why I do advise people, especially ladies not to marry for the reasons am about to unveil.

While dating your man, you need to know the reasons he is so interested in you. What is that thing he sees in you that he wants to marry? After finding out, you need to sit down and analyse his reasons for wanting to marry you. If his reasons are among what am about to list, then you need to have a rethink. Here are some of the reasons you should not marry a man.


  1. Virginity: Be careful with men that want to marry you because of your virginity. It is very good to be a virgin, but that should not be the only reason. Your virginity should not even be his main reason for wanting to marry you. After deflowering you, with time he would start noticing some things about you that he doesn’t like. These are things he should have noticed while dating, but he was carried away with the fact that you are a virgin.

  2. Love: The love doctor Gary Chapman would say, “Being in love is not the foundation for a happy marriage”. No doubt love is very important, but please it shouldn’t be the main reason.

There is a kind of love I would explain at the end of this write-up. That is the ideal love and not all this love at first sight.

  1. Pity: Ladies please don’t let any man marry you out of pity. What happens if after marriage he stops pitying you? Have you asked yourself that question?

  2. Money: This one is basically for ladies that have money. If you want to enjoy your marriage, don’t settle with a guy that wants to marry you because of your money. Once that money is gone, trust me, he would run.

  3. Body Parts and Beauty: If the reason he wants to marry you is because of your big watermelons, then you need to rethink. Remember you are not the only lady that has big “watermelons”. You should know if he can cope with your character. Beauty is not everything.

  4. Childbearing: This is not that bad. Most of our ancestors married for this very reason. But many marriages based on these are not sweet and fulfilling. What if after marriage and you cannot get pregnant? Do you think he would wait for you for long?

Any man that has seen your character and can cope with it, is the man you should marry. Marry a man who loves you for your kindness, love, character, beautiful heart and intelligence.

In summary, it is advisable to marry a man who loves you for your good virtues and traits. This is the kind of love that lasts and not love at first sight. Am not talking about the love he developed for you because of your money, big body parts or your virginity.


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