Ladies Be Careful, See The Messages A Lady Got From A Guy After She Ignored Him

We all know social media can be all fun and interesting but likewise, it also comes with it negative side among which is people bullying each other either for one reason or the other and here’s such case of social media bullying and a warning to all ladies after a lady shared the message he got from a guy whom she ignored.

The lady identified as Ngozi Initially made a tweet calling out a guy named “Jiremusic” in which she warned her fellow ladies to avoid him. Screenshot below

One would have thought why such a fine lady would say that, but later on, she said she wasn’t going to post the tones of messages she received from the guy but then it’s a threat to her life as she has also gotten message from other people saying the same guy “Jiremusic” threatening them. In her tweet while revealing the messages the guy sent her, she captioned “I wasn’t going to post this but it’s a threat to my life and I’ve gotten messages from other people saying he threatened them too, so please y’all stay safe 1/2”

See the message she got from the guy after she ignored his messages and didn’t reply him on Instagram.

Immediately she shares this online as she warned her fellow women, online users quickly Condemned the action of the guy and here’s how they reacted below.

What do you make of this as she also warned her fellow ladies?


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