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Ladies Should Be careful, See What These Two Ladies Were Caught Doing After a Party

I have always advised Ladies that they should be careful of how they flex each time they attend any Party, because there is a level of highness that you as a lady will reach at a party, and you will loose control over yourself and might end up misbehaving and do things that you will regret later.

That as a Lady you saw a guy drinking Alcoholic drinks and smoking weed, doesn’t give you the right o do what he did because there is possibility that he can control himself, and there is Every tendency that his brain can condole any level of Alcohol that your brain cannot contain.

So as a Lady, if you try to emulate any guy you see drinking in a Party, you will surely have yourself to blame at the end of the Party, because it is other people that will narrate the whole story for you, after you must have recovered under the influence of alcohol.

One funny thing that is hidden about alcoholic drinks and beverages, and other substances that can get a person high like Marijuana and Tobacco, is that it alters a person’s mood and it reacts very fast in the person’s system, and then it will begin to wrongly interpret words to the person. These substances acts as inhibitors, which is good at reducing someone’s inhibitions just after it’s being consumed.

Now inhibitions is a personal feeling of fear, boldness or embarrassment a person feels. This certain embarrassment gives or limits the amount of self control a person possesses, which makes the victim live a reckless lifestyle or do weird things that he/she will regret later, or cannot even do in his/her right senses. Alcohol and other mind blowing drugs like Marijuana, cocaine and Tobacco are also substances which lowers the inhibitions of a person, which makes them to act with thinking and being careful.

I was strolling down the internet this morning when I came across a disheartening and disturbing pictures, where two ladies was seen sleeping and dozing away after they must have been inhibitors of Alcoholic drinks at a Party. As information has it that they attended a Party and got themselves drunk, but the mystery behind how the both of them got to the Bathroom and slept over there, is still very much unknown to them. But funny as some people can be at times, the person who found them first took photo footage of them and share it on social media, before making out time to help them

Below are the pictures as was gathered by the source:

What advise would you dish out to Every Last out there who attends a Party and drinks Alcohol?

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