Ladies, If Your Husband Has These 3 Qualities, Please Hold On to Him Tightly

One thing that always lead to the crash of most marriages is lack of tolerance or a situation where your partner portrays strange qualities; qualities they didn’t portray prior to the marriage but if you are lucky to be in a marital union with a man that does any of the things going to be discussed, then you should count yourself lucky.

In this article as already hinted, we are going to have a look at some of the qualities of a very good husband and if your husband has the 3 qualities, then you should hold onto him tightly. Treat him specially and shower him with praises and love. Below are the qualities you should look out for;

  1. Never Contemplates Using Violence to Settle Disagreements Between You and Him; this is perhaps one of the most loveable traits any man can ever have. Men are naturally dorminant in nature and as such easily switch to violence when their wives talks back at them or at every slight provocation but if you are lucky to be married to a man who never contemplates using violence or force to settle differences in the marriage, then you should count yourself very lucky and treat him specially. Don’t get him irritated or rather don take advantage of this special quality.

  2. Doesn’t Stay Out Late At Night Without Telling You His Whereabouts; this is another wonderful trait or quality that can only be found in good men. If your husband is the type of man that never stays out late at night without first of all calling you to explain how his movements are, then you should count yourself a very lucky woman. Most men act anyhow when it comes to answering to their wives because they believe they are superior but if yours is humble enough to explain to you if need arises for him to stay outside the house late at night. Appreciate and love him more.

  3. Understands and Encourages You to Pursue Your Dreams; if your man is the kind of man that can go to any length to ensure that your dreams and aspirations are met, then you should also regard yourself a very lucky woman. Not every man possesses such quality, some believe that once you are married to them, your whole life should end in their kitchen and also making babies for them, but if yours also gives room for you to be an authority in your field be it academically or otherwise, then he is really a wonderful husband. Don’t take him for granted.

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