Ladies! Any Man That Loves You Will Ask You These 4 Questions

Genuine love is hard to find in our society today. Many women have fallen victims to fake lovers who use them and waste their time in an irrelevant relationship. Most ladies have dated a man for many years and end up heartbroken without any results. Therefore, it is important to love more with your senses to avoid some emotional trauma.

This ugly scenario has made most girls run away from anything that has to do with relationships. Some are still confused if their partner loves them at all or playing games with them. However, a man that truly loves you will ask you these four questions.

  1. He will always ask you if he can occupy your heart forever.

  2. He will ask you if you can consider him to be the father of your children.

  3. He will always ask you to take him to your parents for a formal introduction.

  4. A man that truly loves you will ask about your genotype, blood group, and how many children you intend to born for him.

This shows he wants to know you more and also he thinks about having a great future with you.


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