Ladies Do Not Say These Things To Your Man, No Matter How Angry You Are

Relationships when properly handled, hands down to you, a heaven on earth experience. Every relationship has got it’s high and low tides and poor management of the hurdles results in unbearable heart breaks.

It has been proven that there exist four temperaments, which goes a long way to inform us that we are differently wired to act and react peculiarly. It’s being said that one ends up getting attracted to his or her opposite (l don’t get to see that often, personally though). As you navigate through the process of relationship, with it’s attendant falling in and falling out of love, ensure that you don’t release these obnoxious and very strong statements to your partner when your anger reaches fever pitch.

Howbeit, the Good Book (Holy Bible) informs us that wisdom is the principal thing and in all our getting we should acquire wisdom. There are wisdom tips that every lady should equip herself with in order to save her relationship from hitting the rocks. There are things to say and things that are definitely a no no if you must maintain your cool when the ebbs are low. Getting this knowledge and putting them to use is not a stroll in the park but come on ladies, we can achieve it. This article is well articulated to release the things you should not say to your man no matter how the anger wells up inside you. Let’s take it away:

  1. Dear ladies, no matter how your man gets on your nerves, do not ever threaten to beat him up. Oh yes! Sounds comical right? But real life situations have given credence to the fact that we have women with single bone, who can actually leave deep seated blows on the body of their men as opposed to soft and weaker women. (weaker vessels) Such a threat has a way of deflating a man’s ego, compelling the relationship to go on exile.

  2. Do not let that anger get the best part of you to the extent of threatening to report your spouse to his parents and friends. Everyone has got their own meal of challenges and washing your dirty linen in public is definitely sending a negative signal of you out there. Except the situation/issue has gotten completely out of your control, otherwise, bringing up on negotiating table will do the magic.

  3. Do not ever threaten to cheat on your man as a way of paying him back in his own coins. Remember, no revenge is as sweet as forgiveness. Ask yourself if cheating portrays your virtuosity or gives you away as a complete tart. Men are polygamous in nature and such threats drive them farther away from you.

  4. Ladies, please ensure you don’t threaten your partner by comparing him to your ex or threatening to go back to your ex. Any attack on his person can open an ugly chapter in your relationship. Do not try to resurrect a dead and buried affair. If your ex loves you that much, he wouldn’t have let you into the arms of another man. (hey lady, he would have tied the knots with you)

  5. No matter how angry you have become, especially when toxicity has been released into your atmosphere, do not threaten to do away with the unborn child in your womb. Ladies, do not resort to this cheap blackmail, just to compel him to do your bidding. There are other feminine tantalizing tricks you can employ to get his attention but threatening abortion is definitely a “NO”.

  6. Do not threaten to commit murder or suicide no matter how much the anger wells up inside you. This is a flagrant display of immaturity. Such strong words when released, sends a negative vibe out there, sponsoring the relationship to hit the rock.

Brevity is not just a virtue in communication but it is also difficult to achieve. According to Alexander Pope “Words are like leaves and where they most abound, much fruit of sense beneath is rarely found” (even in dribs and drabs). Trust this write up has been able to engage you? Let it be etched on our minds that the purpose of this article is inform us on what not to say to our men in order to save our relationships. When these, are not applied, then the purpose of this article is defeated (l prayed it doesn’t … Lolzz). Let’s like, comment and share to others for their enrichment. Thanks to you all.


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