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Ladies: See How The Menstrual Cycle Affects Your Beauty.

Many women think that the condition of their skin depends only on nutrition, sleep and lifestyle. Not knowing the phase of menstrual cycle play a role too.

The best skincare routine in the world can’t stop your face from being affected by your menstrual cycle.

This is how your menstrual cycle affect your beauty based on the phase

DAY 1 – 5

This is the period in which menstruation is done. The skin becomes softer during this period due to the production of the hormone ‘prostaglandin’. The skin is clear of pimples and becomes elastic, but more sensitive.

During menstruation, it is not recommended to dye your hair or eyebrows as you will not get expected results. The same happens for hair styling.

DAY 6 – 13

At this time, the appearance of acne reduces, acne disappears and pimples dry out. This is due to the increase in female hormone ‘estrogen’ production which improves skin regeneration. You can use all sorts of skin care routine at this time and get perfect results because the skin is particularly sensitive to cosmetics at this point, and gratefully responds to treatment.

Hair cut, perm and dyeing if hair can be done in this period for best results.

DAY 14 – 15

At this point, a woman becomes especially beautiful. The skin becomes smooth, clear and velvety with no greasiness. This is due to matured ovule moving closer to the uterus in anticipation for fertilization. It spends no more than two days, in which estrogen production is at its peak.

It is better not to do cosmetic treatments at this time.

DAY 15 – 28

This is two days before menstruation starts. The production of male hormone testosterone increases which worsens the condition of the skin. At this time, many women have small acne and the skin becomes greasy.

You should massage your face with ice cubes to cleanse the skin from excess of sebaceous secretions.

I hope you now see the reason why your face is in different condition at different times.

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