Lady Advised Women To Allow Their Husbands Cheat In Other To Fulfill Old Time Religion (Video)

This is an interesting story about a beautiful lady who most have seen a clear picture of the importance and need for men to be allowed to cheat and marry as many wives it pleases them to have. This lady said so many things. After going through her advice, please, tell us what you think about her, and if she is right or wrong. Marriage is a beautiful thing and it’s stated in the Bible that any man who finds a wife, finds a good thing and he has obtained favor by so doing. The Bible never said he that finds his wives will get blessings from God.

A cheating husband or wife has already brought in the devil to leave with them because the easiest way to invite the devil fast to your house is when a man gives his wife the road to think evil. According to this lady, she said “Men are being forced to do a Christian marriage, you must sleep with one wife… That is why the Mosaic will never stop, all the women loitering around. Who will marry them? In five to ten years coming, the government will have no option than to force women to men. That is why I am saying that you should not do that comparison that if your husband cheats you will cheat.

“Normally, every man should be living with three wives. Do you know that in those days, and in the time of our great grandmothers, as I am now or maybe I am of age, I am getting older and weak, I will bring my younger sister and give my husband to marry. Do you know that? That is why men are greener, that is why men are the foundation, that is why in Igbo land if you have not given birth to a male child you have not started. In marriages, if a woman is menstruating he will have to wait for five days or more”.

She further described some of the conditions that men are not supposed to get from marrying just one wife. A woman will have to pass through menstruation, ovulation, mood swings, not being happy, different stages of complaints during that period and the man will have to wait for her whenever she is through. All these she sees as not being fair to the men.

In the time of our fathers, when a woman is menstruating, another woman will take over the two women can to be menstruating at the same time, we worship our men like a god. But they brought Western Colonization and took away our religion, our way of life, tradition, everything, collected our marriage and gave us wedding. They gave us so many things that are not benefiting us and surfing our men in toiling then you are telling me that as a woman, you will be insulting your husband? If after watching my video and you continue to point your husband that he is a cheat, you are an evil woman, and you are supposed to be banished from the land. If she says she will cheat because her husband cheats, she should be banished from the land because it’s a sacrilege for her to open her mouth to say that. You don’t have to compare yourself to a man because you don’t have scrotum”.

Western Colonization has killed us that is why cheating and side chick will not stop. It did not stop in the old testament, it did not stop in the old and new testament, and the ones that introduced the new testament has it stopped? Some of the pastors we have now, have they stopped cheating? We must go back to our old-time religion because it does not matter if you like it or not, your husband will cheat. Our fathers married many wives with concubines and they stay without any form of jealousy”

She believes that women are not supposed to be complaining when their men cheat on them and it’s wrong for a woman to pay her man back by cheating because he cheated.

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What don’t you think about all she said?

Do you think she has made a point?


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