Here is What This Lady Asked From Her Boyfriend And The Reply She Got Attracted Too Much Attentions

Being in an intimate relationship is an age-old tradition or phenomenon. Many people are said to have entered a relationship with the intention of actually marrying the person they want. It is beneficial for a mature adult who is planning to marry soon to engage in a relationship in order to assess and evaluate his or her level of marriage readiness and maturity.

It’s very amusing to learn that many people have entered into intimate relationships for bizarre and unrealistic purposes. For example, certain people have entered romantic relationships for reasons such as the person’s sophisticated and mesmerizing appearance, some have selected their partner based on their good fashion sense, and even others have entered romantic relationships simply because they are of an age and must keep up with the trend.

Of necessity, this helps to explain why so many marriages collapse, mainly that the motives for their breakdown are erroneous and unfounded.

In the case of broken marriages, screenshots of a Whatsapp conversation between a girl and her boyfriend have caused anger for multiple social media users. Here are the results of the chat and the responses to it.


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