A Lady Asked Her Dad For Money To Make Her Hair, See Her Dad’s ‘Funny’ Reply That Got People Talking

Our fathers are one half of the best thing to happen to us. They take good care of us and make sure we lack nothing as well as have access to the best things of life.

In our contemporary society, family is forever as they are always there whenever you beckon on them, but at some point in life, one has to grow independent enough to make one’s own family.

However, the problem seems to be that there isn’t a specific age for that. Actually, growing up, most Parents admonish their children from having relationships that could lead to being put in the family way.

As time goes on, things just change and you begin to get new signals pushing you to the path they once stopped you from going.

This is the case of a Twitter user, Kemipede who shared a chat which she had with her dad.

She asked her dad for money to make her hair but her dad’s reply was funny as well as revealing. Check out the chat below:

The fact that her dad was plain with her about getting a partner wasn’t all that got people marvelled, her dad’s ability to use the social platform so well was also a talking point.

Here are some reactions to this chat:

Some old aged people are skeptical about the use of social platforms, neglecting it’s use and eventually missing out on vital information and updates.

Not only was her dad able to use the social platform easily, he used it to convey his thoughts to her.

At what age do you think a lady should stop expecting funds from her father and find herself a partner? Tell us in the comment section below.

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