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Lady calls out a Nigerian Doctor who fingered her P*ssy during a medical check up (Leaked Audio)

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A Nigerian Lady Identified as shantel, narrates how a Nigerian Doctor, MR GBENGA, fingered her During a medical check up.


“On Wednesday, the 13th of March 2019, I left my house around 10.30 am with the intention of going to the hospital to see a doctor and register my HMO because I wasn’t feeling well (I had fever and stomach pain).

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“I went to Peachcare hospital at Ogudu but I was told that they didn’t cover my insurance plan. I called my Admin officer, who directed me to a hospital in Ikeja (mother and child hospital) but because of the heavy traffic that day, I couldn’t go.

“I had a list of hospitals that were given to me by my office, so checked for the one closest to Alapere and Thats where I found INLAND SPECIALIST HOSPITAL. I took an Uber from Ogudu and got there some minutes past 12.

“I was told to register with my full name, address, phone number and work details which I did. I waited for nearly two hours before I finally saw the doctor. The doctor introduced himself as “Dr Gbenga” and asked what my name was.

“I told him my name but he didn’t seem to find it on his system. He asked me to write my number down on a paper, which I did, thinking he wanted to use it to search on his system for my profile, based on my Registration. Then he asked me for my surname, I spelt it out for him and he searched and got my profile. He asked me why I came and I told him that I had food poisoning from what I ate two days before (which was on Monday) and that I had serious stomach pain and fever Coupled with the fact that I’ve been unable to visit the toilet for three days. He asked me some pregnancy related questions like when last menstruation was, etc. I assured him that I wasn’t pregnant and told him I saw my period last month end.

“He stood up from his seat to my seat and slightly pressed my tummy down in different parts and asked me if I was feeling any pain. I said yes. He went back to his seat and told me that he would send the types of test to be conducted for me to the laboratory and that once I finish the test, I should come back to his office. After the tests, I went back to him as instructed. He started asking me where I work and if I stay around. He asked where my office was and I said VI.

“He said “so you go from here to VI everyday?” And I said we have a staff bus. He told me that I had traces of malaria, typhoid and food poisoning and that he would give me drugs for that. He explained that he would give me a syrup for the stomach pain. He looked at his computer for some few seconds and asked me to lie down and the he wants to examine me.

“I went to lie down and to my surprise, he raised my dress up and stuck his finger deep inside my vajina. He did that for about 10 seconds and started simultaneously pressing my boobs one at a time in a very quick motion.

“He also grabbed my left Buttx cheek. I groaned in pain and asked him what he was checking for. He said he’s checking for “hardness”. This happened for about a minute and then he asked me to come down. He went to seat down and when I came down from the bed, I noticed that the chair I was seated on initially was used as a barrier for the door to prevent anyone from coming in.

“At that point, I was furious. I felt very dirty and very betrayed. I wanted him to pay for what he did and I figured I would need some form of evidence. He told me to go and take my drugs from the pharmacist at the reception and said he will call me. I told myself that I would record our conversation when he calls.

“I called my boss and told him everything that happened. He told me to make sure I gather evidence. Not long after I left the hospital, Dr Gbenga called me. I was on a bike to my house so I couldn’t pick up. When I got home, I used my android phone to call him and turned on my call recorder.

“I asked him why he did what he did and his explanation was just senseless. He said I didn’t understand why he was doing what he did and that he’s sorry it hurt me. He said he wanted to attend to another patient that he would call me back. He called me back some few minutes later asking me if the number I called him back with was my number. I said yes and he hung up.

“I started talking to a lawyer and that was when I discovered that a male doctor wasn’t supposed to examine a patient without the presence of a nurse. Imagine how many women are ignorant of that fact!!! Imagine how many women this same thing has happened to!!!, she advised me to gather more evidences like call records and all. I remember going to sitter office to ask for it and I was told that only my dialed and received calls could be provided, not missed calls.

“I thought about the psychological stress and the stress of police and legal system in the country. It was too much for me, so I backed out. I think I’m ready now. I am ready to create awareness and expose all the doctors that take advantage of innocent women.

“I had to sound as normal as possible and hid how I truly felt. I was scared but I managed to sound so normal to get him to admit what he did!

“DR GBENGA FADERO! You should be stripped of what ever certification you have!!


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