Lady Committed Suicide Because She Caught Her Boyfriend Cheating On Her – Lady Shares A Story

A lady and twitter user has taken to her handle to share a story of another lady who took her own life because she caught her boyfriend cheating on her.

The lady committed suicide yesterday in the hostel after she caught her boyfriend cheating on her and the Boyfriend thereafter broke up with her.

The lady who brought the story to twitter has captioned it this way”A girl committed suicide yesterday in the hostel, cause she caught her boyfriend cheating, and the guy decided to break up with her, I don’t know if I should laugh at the sheer stupidity of taking sniper because of a man, or pity her cause the guy still doesn’t care.”

Several Reactions have trailed the development as twitter users took to the comment section to express their diverse opinions about the development.

No matter what happens, taking your own life is never the solution. We should all endeavour to look up to God in difficult moments. Only him can deliver us.

@mazi_maxy reacted “Well, the guy did her bad yes but if we that have had a fair share of heart break with sprinkles of wickedness were to take our lives then, the earth would probably be scanty”

Emathrone reacted “i hear some people throwing the word depression around,this isn’t depression tbh it’s just heartbreak missed with stupidity

“If you die because of man,1000s of em will walk pass your grave,and even spit on it” facts!”

Never should you take your own life. It never brings solution to your challenges.


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