After This Lady Posted Photos Of Herself Saying “Imagine I’m Still Single”, See The Replies She Got

A lady in a viral photo on social media made a comment about her status a few hours ago that is causing a stir among her followers. There’s a serious concern over what she said as she is a grown adult that is supposed to be married, but she is still single.

Well, from a point of view, there is nothing wrong with her being a single lady, and you would agree with me that there is time for everything. Being in this state is a stage of preparation for what is coming in the future. As a single person, your focus should be on self development and not worrying about what is happening around you.

However, the tweet from @Queen_tija who said she can’t imagine still being single has drawn comments from her followers. Some do not believe that a beautiful lady like her is single while others trolled her comment in the other way around.

See people’s reactions below after the tweet went viral on social media;

What’s your take on this development?

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