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After Lady Rejected A Man Who Proposed Marriage To Her, Checkout What The Man Finally Did

This is an interesting and mind-blowing story about a beautiful lady who surprised her family with her decision not to marry the rich man who came to seek her hands in marriage. As you are reading this story, I will leave you to decide if what the lady did was the right or wrong thing to do. (Read the full details below 👇)

A relationship is sweet but marriage is sweeter, and one of the happiest moments of every woman’s life is to be legally married to a man they will call their husbands. But then, why is that a lady will be in a relationship with a man for years and still turned down his marriage proposal because of one reason or the other? I know that many ladies are selective when it comes to choosing a lifetime partner but does that also include turning down a marriage proposal from a handsome, rich, and Intelligent man?

In this story, a beautiful lady known as Alexandria Ijeoma Nzoka took to her social media page to reveal why she refused to man the man who wanted to marry her because and even her father is in support of her decision. According to Alexandria, she said “I rejected a marriage proposal because I did not have a stable source of income and even though the young man was cool with me not having a job, I refuse to be broke and marry someone. My father will not agree, at last, the man stopped talking to me and I pray he invites me to his wedding”.

Because she refused to marry the man, he stopped talking to her. That’s not fair.

My questions are as follows;

Do you think she made a good decision?

Do you think she doesn’t love the man even though he is rich?

As this may interest you, her father supported her decision, will you blame the man for supporting his daughter’s decision?

Do you keep malice with your ex because when the relationship didn’t work out?

What the man did was that he stopped talking to her because she refused to marry him, is that the best thing to do?

Let’s have your thoughts in this regard, and feel free to like, follow me for more interesting stories, news, and updates, and also don’t forget to share… Thank you.

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