Lady Releases Photos And Video To That Prove Man Who Denied Sleeping With Actually ‘Ate Her’ In Her Own House

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A lady who was in no mood for the antics of a hit-and-run man whose modus operandi is to have sex with random girls and move on to their next victim has exposed him big time.

Apparently, when the lady called him out on social media asking him to own up like the man that he’s and admit he’s in a relationship with her for which reason they have had sex on some occasions, he denied ever bedding her.

Left with no choice, the lady took to social media to release photos of the guy in her bed snoring and captioned them, “You wanna again deny that you have never been here? She also shared a video of the guy half-naked in her house that could probably prove devastating for him.

In other news, a Nigerian man has taken to social media to reveal the only condition that could make him take his relationship with a girl to the next level.

The young man who goes by the name Happy Kid on Twitter says he’ll only marry a woman whose mother has a mini mall, otherwise known as a provision shop. According to him, any girl whose mother does not have a provision shop is enough sign that he has to jump the boat.

Happy Kidd went on to say that it’s his personal decision and nobody should ask him why he chose it. He wrote: “Since we are talking about preferences; I can’t marry someone whose mum does not have a provision store. Don’t ask me why the reason is personal🙏🏿”


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