If A Lady Respond To You In Any Of These 3 Ways, She Loves You (Opinion)

As a man you should always be sensitive about everything around you especially, women. Even, if you are single or married that will not stop some ladies from hunting you, some ladies won’t wait for you to make a positive move, they make it themselves by showing some signs. These kind of women are found everywhere, it is left to you to decide what you can do to them. There are different ways they make a move.

These are the (3) Moves they make to get the attention of any man during greetings.

  1. Whenever, you have a handshake with any lady and she did not released your hand on time, such greeting is showing a way to a game. Is Left to you to either follow and know the terms of let it go.

  2. If you are in gathering or alone and you notice that a lady is constantly making regular eye contact with you, she may be inviting you to make the move is left to you to try your luck.

  3. Most at times If a lady make a positve commend about your outfit, such kind of statement does not come out Scot free without meaning. But this doesn’t always means that if a lady admire your outfit she have feelings for you.


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