If A Lady Responds to Your Greeting in Any of These 3 Ways, She is Likely Interested in You, Make A Move

There are many ways through which a lady can make her interest known to you if she is interested in you. But it takes a smart guy to denote those signs when given.

Generally, every woman has a way of communicating her intent to a guy without uttering a word. And once you notice any of these moves from a lady whom you are not very closed to, know that she is finding her way to your heart.

  1. If you greet a lady and she responds by holding a long eye contact with you, know that it is more than a mere greeting. She needs your attention.

Similarly, if she responds to your greeting with a smile and look at you through the corner of her eyes, she is passing a message across and you need to quickly decode that message.

  1. If you greet a lady with a handshake and in return, she holds on to your hand comfortably or try to scratch the surface of your palm, she has given you the push to strike.

Ordinarily, ladies who is not interested in you cannot be comfortable holding your hand for long after a handshake. Even if you try to do that, she will quickly free herself and step back from you. She will not also want to create intention in people’s mind that something is happening between you.

But once you notice she doesn’t care about public attention and ready to hang on through the handshake, the coast is clear for you.

  1. If you greet a lady and while responding, she is accessing your outfit, it shows that she is definitely up to something.

A lady who is not interested in you will not give a hoot about what you are wearing. If you like, put on a million naira TM shirt and Gucci shoe, she won’t care.

But if irrespective of the low quality of outfit you are wearing, if she is interested, she will only perceive your smartness and how good you look in that outfit. Once you notice this in a lady, make a move before the spark dies in her.

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