Lady Reveals The One Question That Makes A Woman Lose 89% Interest In A Man

One of the biggest challenges for so many men out there today is how to start a conversation with a lady. Let’s not even talk about maintaining and keeping the conversation going, because that itself is a difficult thing to do considering so many of our ladies too aren’t great communicators.

Not every guy out there has what it takes to take a woman out on a date and give her a great quality time with quality and healthy conversations. Some guys think it is an interview where they just have to keep asking and asking questions until it gets all awkward.

In some cases, the lady might just be a great communicator and then the whole thing just moves smoothly and she just makes it very easy for the guy. But in most cases, these dates are not always as we see on the television.

A lady has taken to her social media via her twitter account to reveal one particular question she says makes a lady lose 89% of interest in a man. According to her, the moment a guy asks that question, the lady loses interest in him.

Here’s what she posted;
“Tell me about yourself ” is where a woman looses 89% interest in a man.”

After she tweeted this, it quickly blew up and got so many people reacting to it. Many argued that the question isn’t really a bad question but because most of these ladies have nothing to say about themselves they find the question a turn off. The ladies were in agreement though, as they echoed what the lady said and insisted that men should be more specific with their question.

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