Lady Says Women Cheat Because Their Husbands Don’t Satisfy Them

A lady who decided to go anonymous in her submission has suggested that 90% of all married women who cheat on their husbands do so out of dissatisfaction.

Lady claims women cheat because their husbands don’t satisfy them.


In a message to Sir Dickson, a Twitter influencer who shared the message on social media, the lady evidenced that she had been part of a secret WhatsApp group for women where many confessions were made. According to her, most of the married women complained they never got satisfied in bed with their husbands and always wanted a way out of that.

“It got to a point in the group when women were encouraging each other to cheat or turn into bisexuals so they can obtain pleasure from other women”, the lady narrated.

Below are some comments from social media users regarding the post:


@aproko_doctor said: Many Christians Hammer on “Wives, submit to your husbands while conveniently leaving out verse 21 that says “Submit one to another”. The submission is a two-way submission. Your wife is not your employee. You should serve one another and put each other’s needs before yours.

Brace_for_Impat mentioned that: It’s the same reason a lot of people don’t discuss things with mothers because they cannot handle certain things, and it can spill into d relationship and ruin it. A conducive environment is very important for communication to thrive, else communication is stifled.

@apolloskillz suggested: I don’t even have to read what she wrote, a woman who is promiscuous will cheat no matter the situation. Focus on your purpose gents

In a separate story by, a middle-aged man revealed that he and his girlfriend have been cheating on each other.

In a message sent to a relationship expert, the man said he caught his girlfriend cheating on him with three men.

She also caught him cheating with four women, and their relationship has been messy.

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