This Lady Told Her Cousin That Her Husband Is Hitting On Her, But See What Her Cousin Told Her

Some ladies or married women don’t joke with their men, whenever he is crushing on another woman, and due to that, they fume, because, they can’t imagine sharing their husband with another man. And also, some ladies who don’t get jealous don’t care, as they accept anything that comes their way with peace.

According to a tweet that was tweeted on Twitter by a female user, she alleged that her cousin’s husband has been showing interest in her for a long time and due to this, she was not comfortable with it, and she told her cousin about it, so that she would be aware of what her husband is doing to her.

However, when she told her cousin about how her husband has been hitting on her, she was surprised about the response she got from her, as her cousin told her to accept him, so that they can both be spending his money together.

What is your advice for this lady, should she go ahead dating her cousin’s husband like her cousin accepted or she should not?


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