After This Lady Told Her Followers To Describe Her With 3 Words, See The Replies She Got From Them

The way people seek validation on social media platforms now appears to be a normal routine already for some persons. People would go on social media to post all sort of things just to get validations of people they have not even seen or met. It’s just a shame that some of the validations they get are not actually true as the person who sent it may have just sent it to make the individual feel good.

A lady has taken to her social media page to share pictures of herself then telling her followers to describe her with 3 words. However, some of the replies she got were not the ones she would have hoped for as some of them were harsh. Here is the post which she shared on her twitter page.

Following her post, some of her followers have reacted to it and dropped their various comments concerning it as they have described what they think about her in their own words.

How can you describe this lady in your own three words?


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