Lady Uses Photos To Tell Her Story Of How She Became Pregnant For A Man He Met On The Road

See how this lady uses photos to tell her story of how she was deceived by a man and later got pregnant.

Greetings to you readers, hope you guys are having a wonderful time? I will like to share with you something is saw online that will interest you. It is about a lady who uses photos to tell her story of how a man who deceived her and got her pregnant. Just take your time and read and I guess you will learn a lot from her story.

According to her story, she has a great future as a student that she is, she has plans for the future. She was on her way home from school minding her business when a man stopped her and called her over to his car.

After a while, they both exchanged numbers. All she was thinking of at that moment was the money he has and the car he rides. He offered her a lift home and she couldn’t say no. When she entered his car, he told her to relax and feel comfortable in his car.

She started falling in love with him because of how he expressed himself to her. The man began to tell her sweet words and telling her things she want to hear. The man drove her to a lonely place and they both enjoyed themselves. She was surprised that it happened so fast.

He didn’t use protection on her but, in her mind, it doesn’t matter because he has the money to take care of her. The man promised to call her when he get home and he left by saying goodbye. Few months later, she became pregnant without a father.

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