Lagos PVC Clash: “Use Your Card To Vote Candidate Of Your Choice Without Provoking Others” – Igbokwe

Lagos PVC Clash: “Use Your Card To Vote Candidate Of Your Choice Without Provoking Others” – Igbokwe

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Lagos PVC Clash: “Use Your Card To Vote Candidate Of Your Choice Without Provoking Others” – Igbokwe

A chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos, Joe Igbokwe, has sued for peace between Igbo people residing in the state and their host communities.

Newsbreak reports that Igbokwe was reacting to the alleged fracas that broke out at a voter registration centre last Thursday after persons of South-East extraction were reportedly targeted in Ojo-Alaba.

Read Igbokwe’s full message below:


My attention has been drawn to the minor infraction between Igbo and Yoruba communities in Ojo- Alaba corridor on Thursday June 9 2022. I was told that the incident happened during the struggle to obtain PVC in readiness for the forthcoming Elections.

The minor incident which would have led to tribal conflicts was nipped in the bud by security agencies and good spirited individuals on both sides of the divide. Glory be to God Almighty that the incident did not escalate to something else. I appreciate Igbo and Yoruba leaders who rose to the occasion to put a halt to the fracas.

As the political leader of Ndigbo in Lagos I am pained to the marrows that this show of shame is coming at this critical period in our Checkered history. I have not forgotten what I went through during the #ENDSARS

PROTESTS that brought massive destruction in Lagos and what happened thereafter. I will not give details here.

This is Election season and I want Igbo community in Lagos to show symbiotic relationship, commitment, understanding, maturity, respect, to their host communities . If Igbo have recorded unprecedented success and tremendous progress in Lagos State it is simply because their host communities have been great, wonderful and peace loving people. I humbly advise that we do not take this gesture for granted. In the coming days myself, Igbo leaders, market leaders and critical stakeholders will meet to put heads together confront history and do the needful.

A lot is at stake for Igbo community in Lagos. Igbo investment in Lagos is not to be taken for granted. It is in our own interest to pursue peace at all cost with our host communities in Lagos state.

We must not take civility as a sign of weakness. Igbo will say Ebe onye bi ka ona awachi( you protect where you live. It is your home) An Igbo adage says: If out of annoyance you remove your cap and throw it away a madman will pick it and use it forever. Respect your host communities, be civil, be respectful, be responsive and responsible.

We are in election season and the laws of the land permits you to vote for any candidate of your choice. Make no noise about it. Use your PVC to vote for the candidate or candidates of your choice without provoking others. Lagos State Government needs trillions to rebuild the massive destruction #ENDSARS

PROTESTERS brought to Lagos and giving my experience here I know that the leadership of this great State will not treat any further infractions with kids gloves.

Let us Learn from history and be law abiding citizens come rains, come sunshine.

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