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My Landlord Had Been Munching My Wife Inside My Own House

My name is Ouko I married Linda for almost 10 years. We had recently moved to a new estate in Kisumu to make it easier for both me and my three children to commute both to work and school. Linda was a stay at home wife so most of the time she was indoors doing house chores and looking after the house.

I usually worked every day of the week and I had no time to chill at the house and since we payed our rent on cash, I usually left it upto Linda to deliver the cash to the landlord every end of the month. Most of the time the landlord collected the money from every tenant’s house.

However for the 6 months we were residing at the place, a few of the neighbours started warning me of both Linda’s and our landlord’s closeness. They had suspicions of the two having an affair but each time they told me I silenced them and told them I knew Linda wouldn’t dare do such a thing. I convinced myself that the neighbours were just formulating stories.

However I heeded their warning and started paying attention to my wife. She was constantly on phone calls, texting which wasn’t her at all. At one time I tried to ask her why they were so close with the landlord she got so angry and threatened to leave me.

One day I was home I took a day off from work, she accidentally left her phone and went to the market. I then snooped into her messagee and found out the two were seeing each other. The landlord was in fact not collecting any rent from her because the two were having an affair.

I was very angry and disappointed at the same time. How could she have done that to me, did she even want to be with me or am I some kind of a joke to her. That day I did not even bother to ask her what I had uncovered, I instead pretended like everything was okay though deep down I knew I had to teach the both of them a lesson.

Later that evening, I shared the story to one of my workmate and he immediately advised me to seek Doctor Mugwenu’s help if I needed to teach them a lesson. He gave me his contact information and I immediately emailed him. He responded immediatel and told me to go to his workshop the following morning.

I went to his workshop the following morning,he gave me a herb and instructed me to sew it to our pillow. I went back home and did as he instructed me to, the next day both me and the childrent went out and left Linda inside the house. At around 2:00pm in the afternoon, I got a phone call from my sister, she sounded surprised. She told me to rush home quickly that it was an emergency.

I left work immediately and headed straight back home. On reaching, Linda and the landlord were both laying naked on the bee helplessly. She was crying that she was experiencing a lot of pain on her breasts while the landlord was complaining that he couldn’t feel his manhood. He then confessed to me, “I am so sorry I have been sneaking into your house while you’ve left for work to munch your wife, please forgive me I beg you”. Linda also asked me for forgiveness and I decided to forgive her, she promosed never to ever cheat on me ever again. She has ever since been a loyal wife to me.

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