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Last WhatsApp chat Between Iniubong Umoren And Her Friend, Before She Was Killed

The unemployment situation in Nigeria has made several people find an alternative way to survive, which includes looking for a job. However, it becomes very sad when the things we want so badly turned out to be our doom.

The sad news of the demise of Iniubong Umoren, the lady who went for a job interview before she was killed has caused a lot of reactions on social media, according to reports, the young lady was assaulted, killed, and buried in a shallow grave by her abductor whose name is Udauak Akpan.


However, before her death, she had a WhatsApp conversation with her friend before she met her untimely death. Below is the final discussion she had with her friend, Uduak Umoh while she was going for the supposed interview she was invited for by her attacker.

Her friend also disclosed that she received a one-second voice recording on WhatsApp, and when she last heard her on the phone, Ms. Umoren was shouting.

The police declared that they had seized two suspects suspected to have played a part in the disappearance of Ms. Umoren in Akwa Ibom.

On April 27, the young lady published on Twitter that she was looking for a job, sadly it was a terrible ending for her.

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