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LASTMA officer slaps and tore musician’s shirt for recording assault

Lobaloba Ajanaku, a Lagos-based musician, has accused a yet-to-be-identified female officer of the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASMA) of assaulting him for recording how she deflated the tyres of an Uber driver.

Ajanaku, took to his Instagram page to share the story, according to him, he ordered an Uber and while the driver parked for him to get into the car, the officier deflated two of the tyres of the vehicle with an iron rod.

The musician noted that while he was recording the incident, the officer allegedly slapped him and tore his shirt, adding that he was made to sleep in police cell for two days and part with money before he was freed.

He wrote, “So, I will be telling you guys a story of how the Nigerian system has failed us again. I ordered my Uber as a normal civil Nigerian with rights; the Uber driver parked and this LASMA officer came and deflated two of his tyres with the iron deflator they carry about.

“The driver was so scared. I started getting pissed off because why would you just do that? I got down from the car and started recording on my phone but the LASMA officer, who happened to be a woman, slapped me, tore the shirt I was wearing and kept trying to collect my phone.

“So, I got angry and tried to get her off me, then the other officers started recording at this point. I was shirtless already when they started recording. They took me to the police station and deleted the videos I had on my own phone; they even deleted it from my recently deleted folder.

“At the end of the day, they locked me up and I just want to say that this woman made me sleep in jail for two days and they demanded money from me to treat the officer that got into physical argument with me and I had to pay the money, because they only had their evidence against me. Anyways, if you dey cell for two days, you will appreciate freedom Oloun.

“Is it the guys that are there for something they know nothing about like myself or the fact that I did not have my bath for two days? I was just in the cell thinking if heavenly CCTV could just let me show the police officers what the woman did to me initially #freedom.”

Calls put across to the Public Relations Officer, LASTMA, Olumide Filade, on Monday were not picked and a text message sent to his mobile telephone was not replied as of the time of filing this report.

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