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Late President Yaradua’s Daughter Accused Of Forging Land Documents In Abuja


FCT Minister Muhammad Bello told an Abuja court that Zainab Yar’ Adua, the daughter of former President Umaru Yar’ Adua, used false documents to try to claim a piece of land in Abuja that was in dispute. Last week, the minister claimed that there was no evidence to suggest that the former President’ s daughter had ever applied for or paid for any land in Abuja from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).


The minister and the FCDA, the third and fourth defendants in the litigation, denied ever granting any land to the plaintiff in a joint statement of defense in response to a civil case brought by Zainab over the ownership of Plot 506, Zone B 09, Kado District, Abuja. Zainab claimed possession of the Abuja land tract through a power of attorney, which the donor, Haliru Malami, later renounced as seller. According to a statement dated September 21, 2021 and issued on their behalf by their lawyer Yakubu Abubakar.


Using her firm Marumza Estate Development Company Limited, the former first daughter took FCDA, Itban Global Resources Limited, and Haliru Malami to court, alleging that they had purchased the land from the FCDA through Itban and Malami. Although the 3rd and 4th respondents claimed in their statement of defence that Zainab had allegedly given contradictory accounts of how the land was allegedly acquired through a former Minister of the FCT and acquisition by purchase from the 1st defendant before filing the court case, they also claimed that Zainab’ s statement of defence.


It was claimed that on March 4, 2021, the first defendant, who was said to have sold the land, sent a letter to the plaintiff denying ever selling the land and providing power of attorney in his name. Their request was to dismiss it with costs on plaintiff because she had no standing to bring any action based on the summons’ originating claim.


Plaintiff was granted permission to amend her statement of claim at the hearing held yesterday by Justice Olukayode Adeniyi, who subsequently set the date of the hearing for December 15 and 16.


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