Latest Ankara Fashion: Stunning Ankara Plain And Pattern Styles In 2021

Ankara fashion trend is unending. With different patterns and styles being created by fashion designers, one could never be left without a style to rock. These styles range from gowns, skirts, jumpsuits, trousers and even bags and purse designs. There are even styles made for kids to rock.

Ankara fashion is very popular in Africa. Over the years it has also become well known to other countries. Its unique and colorful pattern and designs makes it irresistible to any fashion lover.

The Ankara fabrics are very versatile. Different ways to style one’s outfits are made everyday day. Its quite normal to want to try something unique and different and that’s how different styling techniques are created.

These days ladies prefer to combine their Ankara fabric with different materials so as to create something unique. These material could be satin, lace, plain material etc. There is also a trend these days to combine two Ankara fabrics with a common matching color. This trend is widely accepted. It is very stylish and beautiful. Another trend is the plain and pattern style which this article is all about.

Ankara plain and pattern styles

These styles usually involve the combination of a plain material with a matching Ankara fabric. The plain material could be colored depending on the Ankara fabrics. Most times the Ankara fabric could consist of different colors. In this case one could choose a particular color out of the Ankara fabric for the plain material.

This style brings something unique and amazing to the Ankara fashion world. It is also perfect when you have a limited size of Ankara fabric. What’s more, it can be adapted for different outfits like skirts, long gowns, short gowns, jumpsuits and trousers. It can also be worn for different occasions.

Latest Plain And Pattern Ankara Styles

Here, i’m going to show you different plain and pattern Ankara styles you would love. These styles will turn heads at any occasion you wear them to.


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