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LATEST: By Flying Buhari’s Nephew To UK For Treatment, Government Doesn’t Care About Us

Aisha Buhari || Ripples Nigeria

A few weeks ago, it was reported by Sahara Reporters that the first lady, Aisha Buhari was flown to Dubai to seek medical treatment for neck pains. Millions of Nigerians could not believe the first lady would be flown abroad for that. Interestingly, it was revealed that her flying abroad could have been to do some shopping for a daughter who was about to get married.

A few weeks after, the same online news medium has revealed that Mamman Daura, a nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari was on Wednesday flown abroad for urgent medical treatment. Daura is considered to be one of the henchmen of the often touted cabal in Aso Rock.

Mamman Daura || Daily Post Nigeria

According to the report, Daura who is 79 years was flown in a private jet to the United Kingdom for medical treatment after he began to exhibit respiratory symptoms similar to Coronavirus infection. It is necessary to note that as it stands, sanctions are still in place against international air travel in Nigeria.

If indeed this news is true, then Daura being flown to the UK is in contravention of the law. This writer wishes to extend his sympathies to the president’s nephew is this news is true. This is by all accounts a deadly pandemic. We can just wish him well.

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Source: Daily Post Nigeria

One can understand the reason Duara could have been flown abroad for treatment. So far, the Coronavirus pandemic has killed important people such as the former Oyo governor, Abiola Ajimobi. It has also killed Abba Kyari, former chief of staff to the president.

In both instances, they were treated in Nigeria. We should add that they were allegedly treated in the best private hospital in Lagos. In fact, it was alleged in the case of Abba Kyari that ventilators were taken from other states because of him. Unfortunately, both men passed away.

Ajimobi and Abba Kyari || Daily Post Nigeria

Flying Daura to the UK may then be because there is a lack of trust in the Nigerian treatment. We are a people that have always been crazy about foreign things. Even our president in 2018 spent about four months treating himself in the UK. There is nothing absolutely good about anything Nigerian.

But is that the fault of Nigerians? Absolutely not. The grim state of the Nigerian healthcare mirrors the failure of the government in making healthcare a priority. Everyday Nigerians are the ones who suffer for it. For them, they don’t mind spending so much treating themselves abroad. They don’t even mind breaking the law when at it. If this news is true, then it’s a shame on us as a country.



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