LATEST: “We Won’t Resume School”- Students Revolt To Reopening Of Schools As FG And ASUU Meet Today

The ongoing protest which has evolved from just protesting to end SARS to complete accountability from the government shows no signs of ending soon.

Just some few hours ago, FG and ASUU meets to discuss the ongoing strike and probably come to an agreement.

Some students and social media users have seen this sudden interest of FG in the ongoing strike as a ploy to distract students from participating in the ongoing protest and hence send them back to school.

The ongoing strike which has lingered for months now, If suddenly resolved today, would not just draw serious criticism from the Youths to the government but also ASUU, because they may feel that ASUU has joined the government is trying to use whatever means necessary to end the ongoing protest.

Some have even alleged that sponsored thugs have tried severally to disrupt or turn the protest violent.

Below are some of the reactions to this.

1) All to break the #EndSWAT protests!

After months of snubbing ASUU. Now, the Government wants to negotiate with ASUU to call off the strike and get students back to the campuses.

We understand the game!

2) Welcome to Nigeria, where the best way to reduce the number of protesters fighting for their rights is to reopen NYSC camps and negotiate with ASUU on school resumption.

Other reactions are in the screenshots below.

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