Laugh And Forget Your Name With These Monday Hilarious Jokes

  1. Just bcos he dated u for 5yrs doesn’t mean he’ll marry u Esther’s Uncle studied medicine for 6yrs. He’s now a DJ

  2. Everybody where shouting “I have the video”, now China have released the full video everyone is now at home watching

  3. Can you recall on february people wey posting photo of one guy always crying, they didn’t see wat that guy saw….they make fun of it, now they are the ones crying

  4. When you see a Nigerian couple outside staring at the moon, don’t feel they’re being romantic, It’s either NEPA took the light or they are waiting for the smell of the insecticide to subside.

  5. One stone is enough to break a glass, one word is enough to break a heart, one second is enough to fall in love but I still wonder why is one chapter not enough to pass exams… Hmmm

  6. In Hollywood, you feel people’s pulse to

know whether they’re dead or alive. In Nollywood, just pick the hand and drop it, that’s all

  1. If you marry a girl that can’t cook, Bros your case dey “MR BIGGS”

  2. You see that guy that always tell you “I’m not like other guys” sister don’t mind him, he’s the leader of OTHER GUYS ASSOCIATION (The OGA)

  3. When next you check your boyfriend’s texts. Ignore his chats with girls, and check the ones with guys. That’s where the truth is

  4. I don’t know what I’ll say to those people who will download the pictures of people they don’t know on Instagram and wish them happy birthday on facebook…..

  5. You know nothing about betrayal until you see your best friend who told you he didn’t read anything requesting for an extra sheet in the exam hall

  6. I’m that type of a person, who puts a song on repeat, until the artist begs for water

  7. “Are you still angry with me?” That’s how 97% of Nigerian girls apologize no be lie, all of una here know

  8. Dear girls, please.. If you know you have a saggy breast, stop wearing a high waist trouser, I know why I’m saying this… I saw one girl’s breast in her pocket today…

You don’t have to be in UK to be OK, help comes from Above not Abroad. Ok? Pls try and stay Safe , if you’re heartbroken, I am sorry just read my jokes, if you didn’t feel relieved after reading, sorry, continue crying till I meet you there with cain, then you’ll tell me why you’re crying like a kid….

Oya let’s continue

  1. Nigeria recession is bad, You go to an airport(abroad) check in and fill in Nigeria in the travelling location

Even the machine will repeatedly ask u ARE YOU SURE??

  1. LAST SEEN: Whatsapp- 1Min ago •Instagram – 5Mins ago • Twitter- 2Mins ago • BIBLE – 2012. My dear, the Devil has soaked your cane in kerosene

  2. Facebook and Whatsapp have been rated as the 2nd and 3rd app for chats and gossip, but Women still retain the 1st position … Nobody should touch me ooo

  3. Wedding ring is the smallest handcuff ever made. So think deep, choose your prison mate carefully and sentence yourself wisely to avoid Prison break

  4. A real girl don’t cry when she catch her man cheating, she commit suicide straight away and wait for him in hell.

  5. If I didn’t make you laugh, I understand, you failed your Jamb, I wasn’t expecting you to laugh, if you laugh and didn’t react, I understand you peeped the post through somebody’s phone, you don’t have a phone, if you laugh and didn’t comment, I understand… you’re not good in spelling, you don’t want to embarrass yourself… I am very very understanding.


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