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LAWMAKER Releases The Ridiculous Salary The Chief Justice Of Nigeria Is Paid Per Month


Ibrahim Tanko, the Chief Justice of the Federation earns only N279, 497 as monthly salary, the Chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Judiciary Luke Onofiok has disclosed.

Luke Onofiok stated this on Wednesday when he moved a motion on the floor of the House on the need to push up the earnings of the Chief Justice.


Luke Onofiok who is a former Speaker of Akwa- Ibom House of Assembly disclosed that low salaries paid to judicial officers is capable of making them vulnerable to corruption.

According to the lawmaker, the President of the Court of Appeals is paid N206, 425 per month.


He noted: ” Code of Conduct Tribunal Act limits Judicial Officers, restraining them from generally receiving gifts and even operating private businesses except farming. ”

Luke Onofiok noted that the ” poor salaries of judicial officers is a very serious threat to the judicial system in Nigeria. ”

Consequently, the House resolved to urge the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission (RMAFC) to immediately review the remuneration of judicial officers in line with present economic realities.


Also, the House urged the Federal Government to, in line with judicial autonomy, accede to the increase in Statutory transfer to the judiciary in the coming fiscal year.

It is surprising that the Chief Justice of the Federation and other judicial officers receive ridiculous amounts as salaries, when other arms of government are earning millions of naira, and are also paid other allowances which come in millions of naira.


Indeed, the salaries paid to the judicial officers should be reviewed and should be multiplied to suit their statuses. Also, the salaries and allowances paid to lawmakers should be reviewed and adjusted.

Also, the amount paid to everyone holding a political office should not be hidden but disclosed to the public that have put them on the seats.


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