Leaked Message: Check Out What An ‘Icon’ Is Plotting Against Erica And Kiddwaya

The feud between Icons (fans of Laycon) and Elites (Erica’s fans) have been taking to another level as none of the warring camp is willing to burry the hatchet and allow peace of reign.

It’s close to a month since their favorites exited the show, but the controversy that erupted whilst in the Big Brother Naija has been lingering on the heart of the fans.

We recently come across a WhatsApp message which appears to be leaked. The message which was dropped on Icons group saw one of Laycon’s fan urging his fellows to making Erica and Kiddwaya relationship unbearable.

He advised that all icons should go and create a fake Twitter accounts of Erica or Kiddwaya and be posting negative comments about them.

The plans according to him is to destroy whatever relationship the duo might be having and ensure it doesn’t go beyond the current stage.

“If your fake account name is Erica use the account to insult Kiddwaya, if your account is Kiddwaya, use the account and insult Erica. We must end that family say no to Kew. They have done enough to our boy will soon have mental break down.” the message on the whatsApp platform we sighted reads in part.

Check out the full text below on the screen shot.

Seriously both fans need to take a rest. The show is over for goodness sake.

” I don’t understand how these clowns are these many under your tweet even without being tagged! Is it that they go fishing for Elites handles and checking out what is being tweeted. Height of joblessness and senseless like their fave sang calling them!” a Twitter user said.

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