“He left me after I Swum Alone In Our Private Pool”, Lady Speaks On How Her Hubby Separated With Her

There are plenty of men here in South Africa who are too principled and can abide by their tough decision no matter what. This group of people are considered to be extremely conservative.

However, this generation doesn’t require harsh rules especially against our loved ones considering how far our society have gone in terms of civilization.

South Africa should be looking up to progressive countries in terms of their dealings with our women. Every traditional act against female folks must be thrown to the dustbin because they are meant to be loved not tortured.

Let us come together to campaign against every violence against innocent ladies in whatever disguise.

This came following what a lady revealed on her Facebook account about how her husband left when he saw a picture of her in their private swimming pool on whatsApp status.

According to her, the husband had warned her not to be using the pool as that is against his principle.

However, she used the swimming pool when her partner travelled and uploaded it on WhatsApp while forgetting to block him from seeing the picture. It ended badly when the man eventually had the knowledge of her acclaimed disobedience.

See what she posted;

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