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After He Left White House, Here Is Where Barack Obama Is Living

A president as we all know is the head of a republic, a representative of a democratic government, and sometimes a dictator. The impact of some presidents in making a better country is absolutely impressive, some presidents will be always remembered even after their death. There are many presidents who are ready to fight against corruption till their last breath, this is the true power of nationalism and and patriotism, an act of support to a sovereign nation.

One of the best presidents I have ever known is President Barack Obama. Who doesn’t know Barrack Obama, the true African hero who ruled America. Although he wasn’t born in Kenya, but Honolulu which is located in United States, his root can be traced to Kenya.

He is witty and very wise, and I like him for his serene government. Even though he isn’t no more a president, he still has more followers than Donald Trump both in the social media world, and in reality.

After he left White house, he relocated to his house and he has been living there since his departure from the Official home and workplace of the president of the United States Of America.

Years after he left white house, Here is where Barack Obama Is Living:

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