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In Less Than 72 Hours, See The Total Amount Of Money That Igboho’s Supporters Have Raised For Him

A man identified as Maureen Badejo organized a fundraiser with a target of N52 million to help Sunday Igboho achieve his goal few days ago. Sunday Igboho has been hell-bent on evicting all the Fulani Herdsmen in the South West. He claims that the Fulani Herdsmen are perpetrating many crimes which include dehumanization of the Yoruba people in their own land, abduction, rape, murder among other crimes. He has been fighting for this cause for a while now and so far, he has gone to so many places in the South West to evict the herdsmen. Against the order of Governor Seyi Makinde, he went to Igangan which is one of the bases of the Fulani in Oyo State to evict all of them, he also went to Ogun State on the same cause.

He has been fighting for justice for his people for some time now and in order to support him, a man set up a Gofundme Account to help him realize his objective. Sunday Igboho has earned the love and support of so many people. The contribution that his supporters have made for him barely 72 hours after the account was opened is simply overwhelming. It clearly shows that many people are in support of what this man is doing and they are trying to help him financially since he has refused to collect money from any politician so as not to be intimidated.

In less than 72 hours that this Gofundme account was opened, his supporters have contributed over N16 million for Sunday Igboho to help him in his fight against the Fulani Herdsmen. The target is N52 million but raising N16 million in less than 72 hours is quite overwhelming. It is now feasible that within a week, his supporters are going to reach the target of N52 million to help him in his fight against insurgency in the south west.

Sunday Igboho has proven to be the freedom fighter for the Yorubas. He has refused to be intimidated by any politician. He even rejected the proposal to become one of the leaders of the Amotekun Security Outfit in the South west. He said he does not want any political appointment and any political association. He does not collect money from any politician but he is hell bent on protecting his tribesmen from the Fulani Herdsmen who are perpetrating evil in the south west.


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