LESSON: What Benin Court Did On Igboho's Case Should Be A Lesson To Others - Mc Ebisco LESSON: What Benin Court Did On Igboho's Case Should Be A Lesson To Others - Mc Ebisco
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LESSON: What Benin Court Did On Igboho’s Case Should Be A Lesson To Others


The Republic of Benin is a small country in West Africa, but its justice system is amazing. Other countries, such as Nigeria, should find out what the Benin court did on Monday in the Igboho trial on Sunday.

Igboho gained media attention on Sunday when he and his wife were arrested at Cardinal Bernardin International Airport in Cotonou as they flew to Germany. He must remain in court until his wife is released unconditionally.

After Igboho was arrested in Benin on Sunday, the Nigerian government demanded the extradition of the Yoruba instigator, but Benin’ s court insisted that Igboho stand trial on Sunday primarily for local crimes.

His lawyers are fighting hard to stop his extradition and have given the Benin government several reasons not to extradite him. Igboho appeared in court again on Monday, and after several hours of trial, the court rejected the Nigerian government’ s extradition request and ordered him to be detained in Nigeria.

Sources confirmed that a Benin court ordered Yoruba activists to remain in prison pending further investigation. The government of Nigeria has listed three crimes committed by Igboho, and a lawyer representing the government of Nigeria is facing trial for extradition to Nigeria on charges of violating state law. Despite stable bilateral relations between the two countries, the Benin court did the unusual thing to ignore pressure from the Nigerian government.

Last Monday, the court ruled to detain Sandy Igboho, as well as conduct a thorough investigation of the case. Benin’ s judicial system is very different from Nigeria. The judiciary in Benin carries a rheto

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