Lesson To Learn From Flavour’s Baby Mama Who Contemplated Suicide At Some Points In Her Life

No one is immune to mistakes. We all made some mistakes at some points in our lives that remained with us years after it happened. The most important thing we need to understand is that scars might not go away but the interpretations we give to them might be the end of our lives. Such is the story of one Anna Banner, Flavour’s baby mama.

This lady contemplated suicide at some point in her life because of one mistake she made in her early twenties. The mistake she made was that she became pregnant at that early tender age.

She was once a beauty queen. She is Favour’s baby mama. She became pregnant for him and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl.

Read her story below;

It is very important to note that no matter what happened in your lives, the end had not come. The stories we narrate to ourselves when things happen to us could result in some unwanted consequences.

Share with us what you learn from Anna Banner’s story.

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