Lessons Couples Should Learn as Husband Commits Suicide After Killing His 20-Yaer-Old Wife

I have always been advising people never to consider suicide as an option and I think it is high time we make this known to all. The rate at which people are committing suicide in the world these days is something we all need to be conscious about. A man will just pass through some difficult situation and the next thing that will come into his mind will be suicide. The funny part of this news is that this man did not just commit suicide, but he did this after killing his own wife leaving their children to be fatherless and motherless. This is indeed shocking, and I think we should all learn from this.

According to reports online, a young man have committed suicide in the early hours of Tuesday after killing his wife. Below is a picture of these lovers that lost their lives to the cold hands of death.

This has really caused a lot of reactions online and the story still sound shocking to many. Below is a screenshot showing the full story:

Below are Lessons Couples Should Learn as Husband Commits Suicide After Killing His 20-Yaer-Old Wife:

Don’t act while angry: Each party in every relationship should learn not to act while angry because it might yield something dangerous. I will advise you to keep quiet when angry and speak or act after the anger have subsided. People who act while angry have always regretted their actions. Be wise.

Avoid hurting your spouse: I believe that this man might not have the intention of killing his wife but as they were having a conflict, it resulted to her death. Men should learn never to use their hands on their spouse because it might turn out worse than you think. Beating or injuring your spouse is never a way to settle issues but rather, it makes things worst. I pray that God will see their children through this. Rest In Peace Lovers.


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