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Lessons Every Nigerian Should Learn From The Story Of The Guy That Was Killed By Female NYSC Member

A day after a bad incident happened, concerning a young lady who was an NYSC member, killed her boyfriend in Akwa Ibom state, the lady recognized as Odume Paschaline Princess, was apprehended by police operatives, because she hacked her boyfriend to death.

She was arrested as she was trying to escape by climbing the fence at her late boyfriend’s house, having stains of blood on her clothes. She was caught by the neighbors, and was seriously beaten, her clothes were removed by the angry crowd.

It was completely a tragic incident, but there are a lot of things to learn particularly for many Nigerian young men who are fond of hooking up with young women that are actually strangers.

  1. Make sure you don’t welcome someone you don’t really know their attitude.

Presently, this popular fashion of hooking up for a relationship has become very popular, specifically among Nigerian youths. It is quite unsafe to accommodate somebody you haven’t met before, or someone you haven’t been communicating together on a phone. This is because, you may be injured if you are not careful.

  1. Avoid hooking up, especially with people on social media.

The idea of hooking up has troubled many people, inviting, and hooking up with somebody you rarely know very well, only a few minutes, or hours of pleasure you have with the person can put you in serious trouble, and that doesn’t worth it.

You should try and avoid this kind of meeting, because it can tempt you into suffering for what you never bargained for.

  1. Always remain observant.

This young lady was caught, and arrested as she was attempting to climb over the fence, because the neighbors were very observant, when they noticed there were bloodstains all over her clothes.

Those neighbors merit a reward, because if they were not observant, the young lady could have run away without anyone seeing her, and she would have escaped justice.


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