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Lessons All Mothers Should Learn After A Student Died In A Hotel With Her Boyfriend

It’s no longer news that lifeless bodies of a couple identified as John aka J4E and his undergraduate girlfriend, Darasimi have been found in their hotel room in Fagba area of Lagos State.

According to repors, the remains were discovered Monday morning, March 8. However, rumors have it that the couple were poisoned. Surprisingly, the family of the late girl thought she was in school only to discover she died in a hotel room with her boyfriend.

“We suspect they must have been poisoned cause we found them lifeless in their hotel room. The girl’s elder sister who came to retrieve her corpse, said her family members thought she was in school only to discover her in a hotel room with her boyfriend,” a source said.

For that, here are some lessons every mother whose daughter is in the University should learn from the death of this couple.

  1. Have Someone You Trust Keep An Eye On Your Daughter.

Your daughter might be over 18 but you should make it mandatory to have someone you trust to keep an eye on her. If Darasimi had someone who was watching her every move, her family would have been alerted she was not in school. It is not written in anywhere that a girl over 18 shouldn’t be monitored. The death of Darasimi should make every mother have someone older to keep an eye on their daughter in school.

2 . Call Your Daughter Often

Most mothers whose daughters are in university will tell you that they call their children once a week because they are busy with work but that’s wrong. Make it an habit to call you daughter everyday especially before going to bed.

  1. Always Pray For Your Daughter and Remind Her To Pray Often

Your daughter is a priceless gift from God so you need to do all that you can to protect her, encourage her, and build her confidence even though she’s far away from you. One of the greatest tools you have as a mother is prayer. Pray for her daily and remind her to pray whenever you call her.

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