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Lessons To Be Learned By Nigerians After Tinubu Was Referred To As “President”


No one in any region of the world can claim to be the best at playing politics since it is such a risky game to begin with.

In most cases, politicians keep their plans, especially their political aspirations, hidden from the general public.

However, it is possible that it will be made public in some way, whether through rumor, speculation, fellow politicians, or close associates of the politician. This applies to Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, the National Leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress, APC, who is now in office.

Despite the fact that Tinubu has not publicly proclaimed his desire to run for President in 2023, there is suspicion that he would do so. An online video showing a lawmaker addressing Tinubu as ” Mr President” and saying that they will see him very soon was the latest development, according to a report by Sahara Reporters, which was shared widely. In response to that statement made by a politician named as Lado Suleja to Tinubu, the former Lagos Governor expressed gratitude by saying, ” Thank you. ”


There are several important lessons to take away from that experience.

First and foremost, Tinubu’ s presidential ambitions are now a well- known fact. Since Tinubu (Suleja) has been openly addressed as ” Mr President” by a federal lawmaker and loyalist, it is no longer a secret that Tinubu would run for President in the 2019 election. People in Tinubu’ s inner circle and his ardent supporters are already cheering for him to succeed. They have begun a campaign for him in Nigeria, as well as in London, where he is currently receiving medical attention, among other places. According to a source close to the situation, Suleja’ s admission in the presence of Tinubu validated rumors that Tinubu would contest.


Second, Tinubu has in some way demonstrated that he is interested in running for the position through his actions. Another message was communicated by the fact that Tinubu did not reprimand Suleja for making that remark or express displeasure with her for doing so. In this particular instance, Tinubu’ s reaction should have been designed to refute Suleja’ s assertion. In response, Tinubu expressed his gratitude, stating, ” Thank you. ” This clearly indicates that Tinubu does not disagree with what Suleja said. As a result of hearing him, he expressed his gratitude to Suleja, who expressed his good wishes to Tinubu, expressing confidence that his aspiration to become President of Nigeria would succeed. Tinubu acknowledged that he had understood and thanked him for his assistance.


It is the third lesson that people should feel free to voice their political views and to support whomever they choose. It is protected under the First Amendment right to freedom of expression. Suleja should not be held responsible for referring to Tinubu as ” Mr President” in this context. He has the right to express himself. Clearly, he believes in Tinubu, and addressing him as such is a manner of wishing and assuring the APC leader that his dream will be realized in due course.


In addition, one of the Northern caucus members who paid a visit to Tinubu indicated that they took use of the chance to support him for the presidency. All of these are constitutionally protected rights for which they can sue. They might express their support for Tinubu in his stated presidential bid. They have the option to support him, advocate for him, and even assist in sponsoring him if they so choose. As a result, no one should hold Suleja or the legislators responsible.


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