LIFE IS GOOD! ! Meet 4 Popular Yoruba Veterans Who Relocated To America And How They Have Transformed


In the 1990s, the Yoruba film industry was endowed with incredible talents who ruled the business, producing spectacular and high- quality films. While many of these legendary performers are still alive and well in Nigeria, some have opted to seek better pastures in another country.

In this essay, we will discuss four prominent Yoruba veterans who acted in the 1990s but moved to America in search of brighter pastures.

Adebayo Wale


Wale Adebayo, widely known as Sango Original, is a renowned Yoruba veteran who was one of the performers that made the 1990s interesting with outstanding movies. Wale Adebayo rose to prominence as the principal actor in the Yoruba film ” Sango. ”

Despite his celebrity, Wale Adebayo left Nigeria for America. According to Punch, Wale Adebayo claimed that he never intended to leave Nigeria for the United States, but the country’ s condition forced him to leave to care for his family.

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The actor is doing well in America, where he lives with his wife and children. He continues to work as an actor in the state, appearing in Yoruba and English- language films in America.

Solomon Majekodunmi


Solomon Majekodunmi, better known as Baba Kekere, is a renowned veteran Yoruba actor who created great films in the late 1990s. The veteran was married to the late Toyin Majekodunmi, another veteran who died on January 2, 2017.

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According to research, the actor relocated to the United States of America with his second wife and children in 2017 after leaving Nigeria. The gorgeous Nigerian actor is doing well in the United States with his family and has also been in a few films made there.

Rasaq Ajao


Rasaq Ajao, better known as Pefuele, is a renowned Yoruba veteran actor who was a consistent fixture on the Nigerian TV screen until migrating to America years ago.

According to research, Rasaq Ajao fled Nigeria in 2002 and has been residing in America since then, but he frequently travels between Nigeria and America.

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According to his Instagram profile, the veteran is a Nurse, and he is still active in the industry, as he occasionally returns to Nigeria to make movies.

Bayo Bankole;


During his active years in the profession, popular Yoruba actor Bayo Bankole, better known as Boy Alinco, was one of the most well- known Nigerian performers. Alinco has appeared in films such as Owo blow, Eda, and the popular comic film ” Papa Ajasco. ”

Bayo Bankole, on the other hand, abruptly migrated from Nigeria to America and has lived there for years. Bayo Bankole is leaving behind a wonderful life with his family and friends in America.

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According to his Instagram bio, Bayo Bankole is still an actor who has been in films that have broadcast in the United States. In America, he is both a Master of Ceremonies and an event planner.

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