LIFE OF A HUSTLER! ! Okada Riding, Barbing And Other Menial Jobs Whitemoney Did To Survive


Since the first week of Big Brother season 6, White Money has piqued the interest of many Nigerians with his vibes and attitude, and he quickly became one of the strongest candidates for the star award.

White Money stated that he did not attend university since he did not have the opportunity, and that he only managed to complete NECO tests. He stated that not having a university degree does not prevent him from doing great things, and that he is outspoken when he wishes to be. Before joining Big Brother Naija, he worked various jobs to make ends meet, and we will look at some of those occupations in this post.

Okada rider.

Some people were undoubtedly surprised when White Money revealed that he used to be a commercial motorcycle rider, sometimes known as an okada rider. He said this when talking with his housemates, but the good news is that he didn’ t restrict himself to okada riding.


At one time in his life, White Money worked as a barber, which he combined with his okada business. During the day, he managed a barbershop, and at night, he would ride his motorcycle along the street. Fred Amata, a veteran Nollywood actor, verified this as well.


Fred Amata stated that he met White Money in the National Stadium in Lagos some years ago and loved his haircut; White Money thereafter became his hairdresser for many years. White Money, according to the actor, styled his hair for every function he attended at the time.

Generator service.

To make ends meet, the 29- year- old Enugu native even repaired Tiger generator at one time. It is apparent from his tale that he had to master a variety of abilities in order to live.



White Money, as a ” hustler, ” was also a photographer with his own picture studio. People have been drawn to him in recent weeks because of his business skill and tenacity.

Whether he wins or not, the fact that he has progressed this far in the competition represents a tremendous opportunity for him. His experience demonstrates that no condition is permanent, and that with determination and hard effort, anybody can achieve their goals in life.

Source: Mcebiscoo.com

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