Like Mother, Like Daughter: Checkout Adorable Photos Of Angel’s Mother


Big Brother Naija is a reality television show that airs in Nigeria. A former housemates Agnes Smith, better known by her stage name Angel, is the first female housemate to be revealed for the sixth season of the reality television show.

Angel, who is originally from Akwa Ibom state in Nigeria, was born in the year 2000 who lived in London. She grew up and was educated in Nigeria. Angel, in contrast to other young girls, was subjected to tremendous pressure from her family regarding her education, resulting in her dropping out on some occasions.


Angel attended Marywood Girls College in Lagos, Nigeria. To get an ‘ A’ in Marywood Girls College, Lagos, according to Angel, you must achieve a score of 96 in the final exam. She, on the other hand, continued her studies by enrolling in the University of Lagos (Unilag), where she attended for only two weeks before withdrawing from the university without her parents’ permission.

She later enrolled in a British foundation college to pursue a degree in mass communication, but she pulled out before completing the program.


In her own words, Angel defines herself as ” beautiful and hilarious when I’ m not under pressure. ” She enjoys watching movies, writing, and, perhaps most significantly, sleeps a lot. She describes herself as a cheerful, easy- going, likable person who enjoys socializing with others.

Angel’ s mother has gone viral as she celebrates her daughter following the live television event. In addition, Angel’ s mother recently posted a new video to her official Instagram account, which you can see below.


The 21- year- old previously revealed that her mother gave birth to her when she was 16 years old and that her father handles her social media page.

Furthermore, Angel rose to prominence as a result of her participation in the Big Brother Naija reality television show. She was also one of the most well- liked members in the house. Besides that, Angel’ s mother is a fashionista who has a refined sense of style and enjoys uploading images of herself on her Instagram page.

Some cute photographs of Angel’ s mother are included below:


Despite this, the images have elicited a great deal of discussion on the microblogging network Twitter. Angel’ s mother was seen in the viral video thanking fans for their support, which has since gone viral.

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