Lilian Muli Shows Off Her Inner Soft Thighs That Nairobi Men Can’t Get Enough Of

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Lillian Muli (Instagram)It’s no secret that Lilian muli is a hottie and she definitely shook up Instagram after stepping out in a blue dress. The free-flowing short dress exposed her killer legs and thighs leaving fans in awe over her body.

“Your boyfriend is the f*cking luckiest man ever,”wrote a fan with the name theturkishguytv.

“Moto kama pasi,”added humphreymtange

“❤️,”posted kibokowilfred.

Others like wilmah_shuveh_juve wanted a date with the lovely lady and shot their shot by writing,“I love u lil….wanna have a date withu😍”

Lillian Muli (Instagram)The ladies were also not left behind with akinyiwendy posting,“Ok sis 😍 we see you! 😍 #beautiful👌🏾.”

Some fans like candybrandy9 defended her decision to wear something short,“Her dress her choice bora hayuko uchi.”

“Pretty u Nzisa😍,”posted skeetechrls_hotspot with misskaingati adding, “You look so damn pretty. Thighland for the wins.”

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