Lilongwe High Court Drops Bombshell And The Bushiris Will Not Be Arrested. Read This

The South African government is still busy with paperwork for the extradition of the Enlightened Christian Gathering church Prophet Shepherd Bushiri and his wife Mary. The couple escaped South Africa to Malawi while out on bail last year. They are facing corruption, fraud and money laundering charges.

While South Africa is still trying to navigate the situation, the High Court in Malawi at Lilongwe has on Sunday granted an injunction restraining the police from arresting prophet Bushiri and his wife Mary for any matters. According to the letter seen by Opera News, the high court has also granted a judicial review on the matter, which is set to be heard on 8 March 2021.

This means that South Africa will not be able to extradite the couple from Malawi because the high court order said that they shouldn’t be arrested for any matters. It seems like Malawi’s laws protect its own citizens and they are proving that with regards to the Bushiris case. This means that South Africans should forget about seeing the Bushiris coming back to South Africa to face the law.


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